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Sarang ( 사랑 ) 3.0 Avatar Pc & Quest ! (NSFW/DPS/GoGoLoco)

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Main: 40+ toggles !!

4 Hair options (Long, Twintails, Short Bob and Messy Bun)

Body Adjustments: Slider for the Body shape - Skin Colors from light to dark - Eyes Hue - Hair colors (More then 8 colors !!) - Tattoo On/Off + Hue shift

Clothes Toggle : Two piece set, Dress, Lace Underwear set, Robe, Pasties -> NSFW.

Accessories Toggle: Chocker, Necklace, Socks, Shoes, Feather Boa, Elf Ears, Ears + Tail.


Tail wag and Ear twitch Animations.

Phys Bones on Hair, Boobs, Butt, Ears, Tail,.

Colliders on important body parts + Floor collider.

Spring joint, cute Cow Plush, Cat Follower, Bread, Paw Popsicles (Hand / Mouth) and a working Bubblegum.

Face Expressions with Ears movemant.

Special features: When you Pat Sarang she has heart particles on and a happy face. Nose boop makes her cross eyed. When you Slap her bum you will leave your hand print on her. Pulling her Ears or Tail makes her angry! (Self interact or bum slap can be toggled off )

Color and Hue Options for all clothing pieces !

Skin colors (can be adjustes via wheel )

Hair options

10+ Hair colors

Choose your outfit ! (All with color options!)

Quest version included! Converted by the amazing woofles#0002

Quest Ver. Some toggles might be missing due to not being compatible with Quest!

3 Skin Color Prefab options

Optimized version included:

Optimized version of Sarang

Optimized Ver.

You will need for this package to work, Knowledge in Unity !!!

Newest VRCSDK Version

PoiyomiToon version 8.0

Reliv's ( ) Dynamic Penetration System

Only after all of this, import the package!!!

♡ Body - Sugs#9795 (ZinPia)(edited by me no reuse)

♡ Hair Texture - Cicieaaa#7777 (edited by me no reuse)

♡ Head - sleepy#0707 (edited by me no reuse)

♡ Ripped Dress - luvr#4515

♡ Puppy Set, Heels - Cupkake#6666

♡ Underwear Set, Feather boa - Lolo#5454

♡ Front Hair, Long back Hair, Low Pigtails - Saikura#0006

♡ Messy Bun, Bob - Nessy!#7402

♡ Necklace, Pasties, Socks, Chocker - Meowuw#0001

♡ Letter - Koragira #6666

♡ Sleeves - Miriaaam#7537

♡ Robe - Jorgen#2328

♡ Sport Set - ruca#1997

♡ Cow plush - moobean#8827

♡ Cat follower - Beartrap#0321

♡ Spingjoint - ~Apple~ / AppleVR

♡ Paw Popsicle - Empress Moon#6969

♡ Tongue, Toast - OniiGirii#5977

♡ Face Texture - Ying#6669 and Yang#6669

♡ Butt slap Texture - Fade#0027

♡ Eye Texture - Ryuohh#0001

♡ Eye Animations - Douji#1350

♡ Body Texture - Miriloo#8133

♡ Heart tattoos - Sezzy#0001

♡ Emotion Particle - Heart Particles

♡ Icons - Uni#1369

♡ GoGo Locomotions Fix - Franda

◇ Do not take assets from my model! Links are all provided so go support the creators.

◇ Do not upload my Model as public, to your world that also inclueds when you make them Quest!

◇ Do not make little/big changes to the avatar and claim it's as yours / upload it as yours.

◇ Do not sell my avatars as yours!

◇ Do not share it with your friends / GF / BF/ family or others.

◇ All my Models are secured under the DMCA rights.

◇ By buying my Models you confirm that all the Information you put in is correct and that you agree to my "Non Refund Policy"

◇ Breaking any of the rules above will result in you loosing all right of use of my Models!

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Last updated Dec 5, 2023

FBX, Prefab and Scene for Sarang


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Sarang ( 사랑 ) 3.0 Avatar Pc & Quest ! (NSFW/DPS/GoGoLoco)

4 ratings
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