Somi 소미 ( Pc (Opti ver Incl. ) + Quest / GoGoLoco / DPS )

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3 Hair options (Long, Short , Buns)

Extra Make up toggles for less or more make up.

Body Adjustments: - Skin Colors from light to dark - Eyes Hue - Hair colors (More then 8 colors, emission hue and hue off !!)

Clothes Toggle : Long sleeve Top, Top, Cropped Sweater, Shorts, Bra, Panties -> NSFW.

Accessories Toggle: Harness, Gloves, Chain Top and Belt, Choker , Piercing, Boots, Socks, Horns, Elf Ears, Ears + Tail.

Color Toggles : Black, White, Blue, Red, Dark blue, Violette, Green and Pink color toggles on everything !

Custom Tail wag and Ear twitch Animations. ( Can be turned off separately )

Custom Blink animation

Twist Bones for smooth bending of Joints and better movement !

Phys Bones on Hairs, Boobs, Butt, Ears, Tail,.

Colliders on important body parts + Floor collider.

Contacts : Pat Somi to make her happy ( + Heart particles ) Nose boop, Anti eye poke reaction, Butt slap reaction with Hand print (depents what side you slap -> Left or Right ), Pulling her Ears or Tail makes her angry. Grope her breast to make her shy. All Contacts can be turned off !

Face Expressions with Ears movement and fitting Particles.

Animated Eyes,Toast, Paw Popsicles (Hand / Mouth), a working Bubblegum, Marker.

If you have no way to upload it on your own, you are welcome to massage me ! I will do it for free <3

You will need for this package to work, Knowledge in Unity !!!

Newest VRCSDK Version (Make sure it includes squish bones !!! )

PoiyomiToon version 8.1

Reliv's ( ) Dynamic Penetration System

Only after all of this, import the package!!!

◇ Do not take assets from my model! Links are all provided so go support the creators.

◇ Do not upload my Model as public, to your world that also inclueds when you make them Quest!

◇ Do not make little/big changes to the avatar and claim it's as yours / upload it as yours.

◇ Do not sell my avatars as yours!

◇ Do not share it with your friends / GF / BF/ family or others.

◇ All my Models are secured under the DMCA rights.

◇ By buying my Models you confirm that all the Information you put in is correct and that you agree to my "Non Refund Policy"

◇ Breaking any of the rules above will result in you loosing all right of use of my Models!

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Last updated Dec 5, 2023

FBX of Somi, Prefab and Scene ready to upload / Extra prefab with a green ver. or extra Package for Quest Ver. !


Somi 소미 ( Pc (Opti ver Incl. ) + Quest / GoGoLoco / DPS )

0 ratings
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